SANOBI, our story

   In the evening … big buzzing in the kitchen. The children are still fighting over the last slice of cake. Their mother quit arguing with them and started putting the pots in place. Pleased that they ate, she lets them play and turns on the water tap. The powerful jet scatters the tableware in the sink but gathers her tumult of ideas. Dishwashing is already an automated activity for her, because, used to always paying attention to everyone around her, dishwashing allows her to put her thoughts in order.

She will not completely disconnect with what’s happening in the room, but she can wash the dishes without worrying about spilling all around her and she can make plans for the next day: how to dress the kids, what to pack for school, how many toys they will spoil, what problems she will face at the office. She has many worries, but at the end of the day the most important thing is to have her family by her side.

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